Spend the Day with Me

Lots of folks ask what I do all day, while here in Lagos. When I tell folks that my days are busier here than when I worked full time back in the States, they seem confused.

So, I decided to share my day with you guys:

7:10 am: Wake Up
7:20 am: Get out of bed
7:22 am: Be sad about the number on the scale
7:23 am: Got the hell over it; I have things to do and being fat and sad doesn’t make any of them happen
7:28 am: Finished brushing my teeth; I usually brush my teeth for a strangely long length of time. I like to lean over the sink and brush away while I contemplate the day.
7: 30 am: Said goodbye to R; sometimes he will sit down several times to engage in random conversations with me
7:35 am: Decided on what pair of black leggings to wear today
7:40 am: Went downstairs to have breakfast, usually yogurt with pecans and cereal and honey or a green smoothie; today I had yogurt
8:00 am: Finished eating yogurt; I am a super slow eater
8:01 am: Had some black tea. Today I had some black and rose tea that I bought in Norway a few months ago. I like my black tea with a splash soy milk.
8:35 am: Finished reading and responding to emails
9:15 am: Finished reading and enjoying memes and cat videos
9:16 am: Began cleaning up for 1 hour, 15 minutes. I like to set a timer when I clean because it keeps me focused. I also like to challenge myself to not skip songs and just enjoy whatever the iPhone tells me I should listen to. Today was a motley mix of John Mayer, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, Adele, and Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly
9:30 am: Heard my driver downstairs sweeping and mopping, just as a particularly raunchy song by Khia came on. Since I have now sent out links to this blog for my family to follow and read, I shan’t describe the song, but I did turn it down way low, in case my 60 something year old driver over heard the words.
10:30 am: Finished cleaning, sat down to begin writing this blog post
10:35 am: Pathetically convinced R to call Domino’s and order pizza for pizza Friday. I was unable to order online and I played with the idea of sending my driver out to get KFC until I read online that the KFCs in Lagos are closing. ARGGGHHH! WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS?
11:25 am: Listened to R’s riveting story of calling the Domino’s to order the pizza we ate for lunch. Calling businesses is always a cluster. I asked him to write a guest blog post about the hilarity.
1:00 pm: Went out to one expat store and one “regular” store. At the regular store, my debit card was declined twice, despite having more than enough funds to cover the balance. I had to go home, send my driver back to the store to pay my balance, and ask him to bring the stuff back to me. That ordeal deserves its own blog post.
4:20 pm: Received the goods back from my gracious driver, who worked over time to help me finish my shopping trip. I gave him a tip as thanks.
5:00 pm: Wallowed in personal and solitary shame for having had my card declined and cursed the flakey banking system in Nigeria.
6:30 pm: Walked over to the ATM on camp to check the balance on the debit card; found out that I have, as previously thought, more than enough money in the account to have covered the charges.
7:00 pm: Ate ramen noodles and a 3 day old croissant for dinner; I am trying to get into the habit of excusing myself from cooking on Fridays and Saturdays.
8:30-10:15 pm: Watched the last Harry Potter movie ; “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Part II.”
10:15 pm: Sat at my computer to finish writing this post; currently contemplating what other good things life will bring me now that I have binged watched every Harry Potter movie for the last eight days. Guess I’ll go to bed. I have little interest in what else life has in store. Life can’t get better than having the resources to watch a Harry Potter movie every day for the last 8 days. Everything after this is going to be a total disappointment. I can feel lit.

So, what did YOU do today?


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