An Off Day for a Movie

“I kind of hope that kid slips and falls. Not to, like, get really hurt, but, you know, to stop him from running since his mammie won’t,” I said aloud, and on purpose, instead of in my head, and on purpose.

“That’s not very nice,” R gently chided me.

“Humph,” I mumbled.

I wasn’t myself today. I felt it and it showed. I was low energy and even a trip to the (almost) brand new IMAX Theatre didn’t make me feel better. Going to the movies is one of my favorite past times, but I do prefer to go when the theatre is nearly empty and before parents can be bothered to get up and bring their little rugrats to the theatre.

My apologies in advance for today’s post and my calling children “rugrats.” Nah, just kidding, lots of kids are totally little rugrats, thanks to their parents. I am a know it all, sometimes overly confident, sometimes crushingly under-confident, thanks to my mother and family, after all. We have to assign blame somewhere right?

I looked down at my watch again. Seemingly, only 11 seconds had gone by since I had wished that 11 minutes had gone by.

It was about 12:19 pm, and we were sitting in the lobby, waiting for the movie to start. We went to see “Life”, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and others whose names are easier to spell and pronounce.

At 12:30 pm, we went over to the theatre. A nice, but firm speaking lady stopped us and said, “I am sorry, but the theatre is not ready yet.”

Aww, Nigeria time, as if I had forgotten that I was in West Africa, where time has a much different meaning here than back home in the States.

But I wasn’t disappointed. Having had my fair share of disappointments in Lagos, I just calmly walked back over and sat on the cylinder shaped bean bags. R stood nearby.

Here’s the inside of the beautiful theater, all shining, brand new, and *thankfully* mostly empty.



I kind of forgot how HUGE IMAX screens are. It was delightful!

After the movie, we went to Rhapsody’s which is near the camp where we live. You can’t imagine how great food is when you, yourself, don’t have to cook it. Perhaps, you can imagine, which is why the States is so full of restaurants.

Today was a good day, but for me I just felt off. Low energy, not excited, but not really anything wrong. I suppose that today I was just having a Lagos kind of day. Even when I’m not sitting around thinking about it, being in a foreign place and living such a strange life takes its toll.

How was your day?

Leave me a comment below. And I’ll see ya tomorrow, hopefully in better spirits.


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