A Lazy Sunday

“What do you want to do today,” R asked.

“Uhhhhh….” I responded. “Maybe today we can be lazy today?”

“Yeah, sounds good.”

And then we proceeded to do stuff almost all day.

For me, today I started a six week mindfulness class.  Then, I did a 38 minute Turbo Jam workout, made lunch, met with an artist, picked some art, watched a movie, searched for a dress I’m going to wear to a wedding in October, and ate some ice cream.

And now, it’s not even 9:00 pm.

Today was one of those days that seems to have lasted forever, but not in a miserable way, like when you’re at work or something.

Today, I was reminded of a video that I took last week. Last week, while riding with R, Little R, and P, I took this video from inside the car. It’s fast; keep your eyes peeled for the exciting thing that will happen.

Did ya see it? Be sure to click a bunch of times and watch it repeatedly until you see the interesting thing happening.

Days like the one I had today reminded me of this video. The kind of days that even when you feel like you’re doing nothing, you have accomplished quite a lot. All of my days in Lagos are like that. Even when I think I am sitting around doing nothing, I am still fighting the battle of living abroad.

Am I as strong as the guy walking around with a table on his head? Well, of course not. Well, not yet. But Lagos makes you strong. Africa makes you strong. Challenge makes you strong. And I am sure, as you can see in the video, carrying a table on your head will also make you strong.

Until tomorrow, my friends…


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