Finally Found: Evaporated Milk

This is a short blog post to share a few fun facts about grocery shopping in Lagos.

1. After searching every time I’ve gone to the store, I finally found evaporated milk. Guess who much it cost? The equivalent of about  $5 USD per can. Yes, per can.

2. Today, I also saw that one of the stores was selling boneless goat meat. I have eaten goat twice before: once, at home in Houston at a middle eastern restaurant.  I thought it was awful, but the very kind owner personally came over to my table to ensure I was happy. I did not have the heart to tell him that I didn’t care for it at all, so I just ate it until I was full and took the rest to go. I couldn’t bare to hurt his confidence because I am sure it was delicious and perfect for the right palate.

I also accidentally ate goat here, in Lagos. I once ordered chicken fried rice and I guess they’d run out of chicken because I was served goat fried rice. I looked at each employee with distrustful eyes for the remainder of my dining experience. I did not send it back, however. Very rarely do I send food back to the kitchen, even if they try to pull a fast one by substituting goat for chicken.

Shopping and eating and just existing at all in Lagos = an adventure to be had.


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