Africa Makes Ya Strong (and Creative)

“Where are the dry Swiffer pads?” I asked R, a few weeks ago.

“I didn’t find any in the stuff we packed.”


OMG, no, say it ain’t so! I forgot to pack dry Swiffer pads and now I’m stuck in a place where most people don’t know what a Swiffer is!

For all you unfortunate folks out there who doesn’t know what a Swiffer is…it’s a magical, lightweight, better than a broom device. Instead of sweeping, it swiffers! It picks up trash and dusts your floors at the SAME TIME.

To not have the dry pads for your Swiffer is like not having vanilla for your cupcakes—it’s a damn shame and a hot mess.

But, never one to back down from a challenge, I decided to get a little creative. I decided to rig up a make-shift dry Swiffer pad. I felt that I would be damned before I just give up and go quietly into the night…with dust still covering my floors.

One day last week, I bought a strange back washer type thing. It is like a loofah on one side and a terry cloth on the other side. I decided that this thing would be my make-shift Swiffer dry pad.

And hot damn, notify the press, my idea (mostly) worked. Look at those results:


I am completely unashamed to show the results because my ego is currently being bolstered by my creativity.


This is what my makeshift device looks like from the other side. I took the little holders and stuffed them into the Swiffer gripping cavities. Then, I used it very gingerly to swiffer the floors and the thing didn’t come out. Man, I feel so accomplished and smart today!

What do you think of my invention? Am I clever? Or has being in Lagos turned me a little stir crazy? Do I have your pity yet? I SHOULD.

Until tomorrow, friends…


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