Eating Out at Casper & Gambini’s

“I can’t wait to eat this food,” I enthusiastically announced.

“I’m hungry, too,” R added, uncharacteristically as interested in food as I am all the time. “I didn’t eat much dinner.”

I did eat dinner the previous night, but I was still so excited to be at Casper & Gambini’s today. Saturday is usually the only day that I get to go out and enjoy a sit down meal somewhere other than my own damn kitchen. I relish going out to eat on Saturdays. It is one of the things I miss most about home. My waistline thanks Lagos for the amount of home cooking that I do, but no other part of me is interested in my own cooking most of the time.

The first thing to come out was my raspberry iced tea. It was served in a swanky little glass with a shaker attached to top.


Next, were the hamburger sliders. Three different flavors, but we both agreed that the first, plain flavor was the best. Oh snap! I just remembered that I didn’t get a photo of the sliders before we munched them down. Oh, well, here’s a photo of the placemat. I hope you can imagine a plate on top of it and then a slider on that plate. Close your eyes and try really hard to imagine. It’ll be there.


Next came our entrees. I decided to live a little and order the salmon. The cooking options were “medium” and “well done” which I found hilarious for two reasons. 1) What about rare and medium well? Why aren’t those options? 2) Everything I have ever eaten in Lagos was prepared well done, with this salmon being no exception, no matter how I order it. Just bring me some food, geeze.

R ordered the lasagna. It was a hearty portion and he seemed to really enjoy it.


Lastly, I ordered the “small bite” cheesecake parfait. I think it’s funny that this is considered a “small bite.” Where did they learn to figure out portion sizes? AMERICA? Ha! It was delicious.


All in all, it was a great outing at a great new restaurant. This place is now one of my favorites in Lagos.

Also, the facade of the building is gorgeous and reminds me of a proper American restaurant. Lagos has lots of businesses, but a lot of them are set far back off the street or they’re behind guarded, iron gates. Lots of times, you may pull up to a place in your car and have no idea what it looks like until you’re let into the gates. Other businesses are behind other buildings are down alleyways. Lots of the “nicer” restaurants are located inside hotels, which is also strange for me. In the States, it is less popular for a restaurant to be located inside a hotel, unless the hotel is in Las Vegas, I suppose.

So, when we drove up to this place, with the parking right in front of the door, no iron gate, just get out and walk up, I was delighted. And oh, how I love modern signage and architecture.

What’s your favorite place in Lagos to eat?

Until tomorrow, my friends…


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