A Rainy Worker’s Day

“I have Monday off for some reason,” R informed me on last Thursday.

“What reason is that?”

“I don’t know, some holiday. I think it’s Worker’s Day.”

“Worker’s Day? What is that?”

“You know, umm, like Labor Day in the States,” he answered.


So, today was Worker’s Day in Lagos. I was interested in what Worker’s Day is, so I looked it up and found the article shown below. It does seem similar to the Labor Day in the USA. We did not go out today; we gave our driver the day off, as it seemed fit to do so. According to this article, the Worker’s Day celebrations in Lagos were peaceful; the celebrations in the country’s capital city, Abuja, were “riotous.”

Link on Nigerian Worker’s Day 2017:


The day for R and I was pretty peaceful and mundane. We ordered in Indian food at lunch time. I ate too much of it and I had a tummy ache pretty much for the rest of the day. But, I’ve learned my lesson. Perhaps I’ll eat some salad for the next two days to make up for my Indian food over consumption.

Last week, our driver very graciously cleaned the back porch area for me, so I decided to enjoy it while it rained. I think it’s coming up on the time of the year called the Rainy Season, so we will get more rain. After hearing the rain fall for hours, it was nice to go out and experience it. We have a screened in porch, so I took this video from the porch.

I also took a photo of the little bird that is shown in the featured image. Don’t think I’m crazy, but I swear that bird was lavender in color, like a grayish, lavender color bird. He was gorgeous. When I moved from the lounge chair to photograph him closer, he flew away. Oh well!

I spent about an hour or so outside, just hanging out, enjoying looking at the rain and listening to it in the background as I browsed the Internet, mainly looking at healthy recipes that I have no interest cooking. If only cooking healthy recipes was as enticing as eating cake and icecream.

What did you do today? Leave me a comment below. And as always…

Until tomorrow, my friends…


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  1. i actually discovered that in asia, labour day is a day of protest. On the news i saw protests in south korea, indonesia and japan. Coming from australia, i never thought of labour day as anymore than just a day off 🙂


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