A Little Slice of (Whole) Home

“Ugh! I hate those people who shop at Whole Foods!” R exclaimed. I rolled my eyes. Shopping at Whole Foods is one of my guilty pleasures. I have to call it a guilty pleasure because the store is expensive, but really, where else am I going to buy organic, bulk, hand made Epsom salt and perfectly cubed watermelon? Where else will I buy my kombucha and 100% organic cotton pajama pants? WHERE, I ask? Friggin’ Wal-Mart? I DO NOT THINK SO.

The truth is, I hate grocery shopping. Back when I was a very busy public school teacher, I used my Sunday mornings to trudge over to the Wal-Mart, which I will affectionately from now on refer to as Wally World.

I’d get up at some obscene hour on Sunday mornings, sometimes as early as even 9:30 am, and go to Wally World before the weirdos woke up. I was living on a public school teacher’s salary but still had the social skills of a rabid honey badger, so going early meant avoiding the people, but still saving money.

Nowadays, I allow myself the occasional pleasure of shopping at Whole Foods. And by occasional, I mean pretty much any time I am within a 1 mile radius of Whole Foods, I stop in, even if it’s just to buy one of those little checkerboard cookies that I absolutely live and breathe for. You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten one and it should be a sin for them to sell them in bulk, for crying out loud. I once ate six in one setting and almost had to purge to rid my stomach of all the sugar. The next time I ate some, I only ate three, because I had learned my lesson and I’m totally a modest person.

What in the hell is the blog post about? Is it about Lagos or is it about Whole Foods…

Well, this past Saturday, I found a little place that is somewhat similar to Whole Foods, right here in Lagos. It’s called A New Earth. Sounds like the name of a grocery store from either “The Jetsons” or some dystopian future.

The little store is located behind some other store that is closer to the street. The interior is decorated with reclaimed wood beams and it’s minimalist, but chic. It made my little hipster heart flutter.


They had a huge tea selection, which made me wild with excitement. In my version of heaven, every beverage is either tea or Coca Cola or matcha green tea. And speaking of matcha green tea powder, they sold it! It was very expensive, about $20 for an ounce or so, but I only use 1/2 a teaspoon per cup, so it’ll last a while. I LOVE TEA! What a great selection, too.

I also found this cute little coloring book, all with illustrations of life in Lagos.



I did not buy the coloring book, but if I could have thought of a child who would want it, I would have. Perhaps I’ll go back and buy myself one.

The disappointing part of the little store was the fruits and vegetables selection. They were selling this thing, which was unlabeled. I have no idea what it is, but it peaked my curiosity (which is easy to do) so I photographed it. I did not have the energy to ask the clerk what it was, try to hear the answer, and still have to figure out what it is anyway. The label did not say what they were; perhaps they’re a cross between a banana and a cucumber? Hell if I know.


The wall near the tea area was decorated with little flowers; that’s the photo shown at the very top of this post.

I was so excited to find a little slice of something similar to Whole Foods, right here in Lagos, and only about a 30 minute drive from where we live. It was a good day!

In my excitement, I drank a matcha green tea latte that night and drank two more the next day. Perhaps I’ll treat myself to another tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, my friends…



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