The Oriental Hotel in Lagos

“Where are we going to eat lunch today? What are we going to do today?” R asked.

I excitedly exclaimed: “I’ve got it all planned out!”

This past Saturday, in addition to going to the Hans & Rene Gelato Shop and the A New Earth store, we also hit up The Oriental Hotel to visit one of their restaurants. It was a lot of fun and was quite entertaining.

There are lots of photos for this post, so let’s just dive right into the fun!

The hotel lobby had several nice, working, and clean elevators. The tile pattern on the floor was gorgeous!


The wood work on the staircase was gorgeous. Check out the chandelier that hung several stories!


There were some African inspired art pieces along the walls of the stair well.



The chandelier was mesmerizing!20170429_122643

The video below shows the fish dish that R ordered. It came to the table bubbling and I liked the little fire stone under the pot. It was so interesting. R said the fish was pretty tasty, too! I don’t remember what it is called, though!


The highlight of the outing, aside from the delicious Chinese food, was the shouting match between a waiter and a customer. The customer believed that the waiter tried to wrongly charge him for something and doctor the bill to show more was owed that what was right. If you listen closely, you can hear the customer saying “Don’t lie to me! Don’t lie to me!”  Ah, Lagos, you never disappoint when it comes to delivering the excitement, do you?

This photo shows the GIANT, 11-person table that we were seated at. We have no idea why we were seated at such a huge table, but it was a lot of fun to spin the glass in the middle and look across the table at all of our imaginary friends.

I ordered this giant prawn as an appetizer. I placed a fork next to it so you can tell the size of the giant thing! It was enough for me to share a small piece with R.


R ordered the cuttle fish for an appetizer. It was very chewy and not as delicate as calamari. I was not a fan of it and would not order it again, but it was very well seasoned and well-fried, not greasy or over done.


I forgot to photograph what I ate. I ordered the sweet and sour shrimp and it was delicious. After eating, we meandered around and looked at the woodwork at the entrance to the restaurant. Simply gorgeous!


This photo was taken from the window near the entrance of the restaurant. Even though I travel along the Epe Expressway several times a week, I never realized how close to the water the road is.


We did not stay at the hotel; we ate and left. But it was a great experience and the service was very fast. We will definitely eat there again!

Until tomorrow, my friends…


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