Traveling to London

The best part if being in Lagos is taking a vacation from being there!

Sorry if that sounds rude, but I am ecstatic to be in the United Kingdom for the next 9 days!

London isn’t home, but it’s closer to home than Lagos. Just driving down the street, I saw three of my favorite American businesses: Burger King, Whole Foods, and Starbucks!

If I had even one less strand of divinity than I currently do, I would buy a Whopper and a chai tea latte and go eat it in an aisle at Whole Foods.  But, I have some self respect, so I will visit all three establishments individually. 

The travel day was dreadfully long. We awoke at 4:30 am, took about an hour long drive to the airport, stood in a line for about 90 minutes to wait for a counter to open, navigated by some, ahem, interesting airport officials seeking “blessings” (read into that), and then waited the rest of the time in an air conditioned lounge that we have a subscription pass to use.

Thanks to a late departure, the time on the airplane ended up being about 7 hours.

I thought this menu from the lounge was funny because it had three exclamation marks next to Beverages for reason. The beverages we had were not that damn exciting!!!

We ate eggs benedict at the subscription lounge. It was  a nice and light thing to eat before boarding the plane about 9:30 am. R said the bacon was “sad and limp.”

We received snacks and dinner and something referred to as high tea while on the plane. High tea consisted of a beverage of your choice (I had apple juice), and a light sandwich box. Also, the milk for the tea I had earlier in the flight came in a little vertical plastic bag.

The most interesting thing was this lady’s hair. I am kind of sorry to photograph and make fun of a stranger, but I feel like I won’t go to hell (at least not immediately) for questioning this hairstyle.  Perhaps it’s a Nigerian cultural thing with which I am unfamiliar? I’ve never seen anything like this anywhere!

Ok, it’s been a very long day, so I will rest up and report on adventures from London tomorrow!

Oh, but I cannot leave without sharing this photo with y’all! Americans reading this, do you notice the brand on this trashcan? Yes, it is a Wally World brand! Seeing this trashcan in the bathroom at the Lagos airport was like seeing a little piece of home! It is not often that I see American brands of things in Nigeria!

Until tomorrow, my friends…


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