London Day 3

Today was an adventure! I’m proud to say that I survived it!

The top of the day started with confusion! We accidentally bought the wrong type of public transportation card so we had to travel to a large tube station to get it sorted. I don’t know what the stereotype about Londoners are, but if you ask me, they seem to be generous and kind and pleasant.  I love this city!

Here Are photos of the Embankment tube station.

We then used the Tube to travel to the Westminster area. We went to The Red Lion, a pub made famous by its  former patrons, such as Winston Churchill.  We wanted to eat there but there was an issue with the electricity and the restaurant was closed. It was very busy and the Coke I ordered turned out to be a diet Pepsi, so I couldn’t drink it. Oh well! Crummy luck all around at The Red Lion. But it’s a beautiful place nonetheless. 

The toilet was very beautiful, with the tank above the, umm, water bowl part. I have no idea if my toilet terminology is correct or not.

We then got food at a pub that appears to be a chain restaurant.  I saw a few others throughout the city later in the day.

The service was great, but the food was terribly bland, unfortunately! I squeezed all my lemon onto my fish and chips in an effort to insert some flavor onto the fish, but it was not a good substitute for salt.

Most of the rest of the day was a whirlwind of sight seeing, meandering about the town, and getting lost accidentally. I made it over to the Twinings tea shop by riding the city bus! I was proud of my navigation skills!

I went to the Twinings store to buy that Spring Garden tea that I wrote about before, but I could not find the exact blend.  But, I did buy other flavors and I enjoyed a cup of chamomile tonight.  It was smooth and soothing. 

Look at how cute the little shop is, defiantly wedged between the larger buildings.

The little Twinings shoo was across the street from The Royal Courts of Justice.  Wow! This building was just so gorgeous and huge! I want to go inside but I wonder if I need to get arrested in order to enter? Ha!

I will leave you with one last photo from my day. This cheekily named little place: The Olde Cock. Check out the photo at the top of this post.

Who names a bar after a geriatric bird?

Ah, London, I’ll love you forever!

Until tomorrow my friends…


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  1. I love looking at the buildings! They are absolutely amazing! Keep exploring that fine city soon I’ll feel like I been there 😊
    Enjoy the R & R days!

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