London Day 6

Whew! It was a tiring day and tomorrow will be a very long day.

I’m exhausted so I’ll just write the activities and then share more details later.

1) Breakfast at McDonald’s 

2) Travelled to Westminster area

3) Ground photos of Big Ben (it’s closed for repairs until 2020)

4) Rode the London Eye

5) Ate terrible and BLAND food at restaurant near the London Eye 

6) Visited the London Aquarium 

7) Rose the bus back to the hotel; ate dinner, watched uncensored Hell’s Kitchen  ( lots of cuss words)

Oh! I forgot that I dropped off laundry this morning!

I only brought a carry on sized suit case of clothes, so I had almost ran out of ckirges. Thanks to Google, I was able to find a laundromat that was less than a mile away!

They told me to come back at the end of the day and when I picked up my clothes, to my utter delight, they’d been washed and meticulously folded and put in little bags.

All for only  £14.95 which is about $19.33!

Got to get up early tomorrow to go to



Until tomorrow my friends…


2 thoughts on “London Day 6

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  1. I’m excited to see Stonehenge 😀 I’ve only seen it on TV , I know I’m gonna love seeing it through your eyes and pictures.
    The folded clothes looks like yo Mama taught them to fold😂
    Enjoy your day…can’t wait to see it!


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