London: Lost Stories 

As I sit in the airport, about an hour before my plane departs to go back to Lagos, I am still reeling in the fun, exciting, and joyous time I have had in London, England.

Even though there’s a very cute, but crying, baby nearby attempting to drown out my happy thoughts with his calls for whatever the hell babies need, I am still so happy to be sitting here, at the tail end of my London adventure.

Of course there were many photos that I did not get to share throughout the week. Let’s take a look at some of them and learn the story behind them now.

We took the Tube, aka the public subway, to The O2 venue both times.

This cool sign was hanging out near the train, greeting the John Mayer fans. It’s so cool that whoever wrote it went to the trouble of incorporating his song titles into the notice.

This was another sign that I saw in the Tube. I can personally testify that the British are unfailingly polite. Even the biggest asshole I met (a guy working at a Tube station) was a downright gentleman compared to other asshole of other cultures I have encountered. 

So, with that being said, London is not messing around with you and your sass when it comes to verbally abusing public servants.

This is a photo of the giant fish head knockers that are on several walls in the aquarium.  I kind of want one for my door at home.

This is a very handsome bird that was basically posing for photos outside of the aquarium. 

This video shows the view from the Thames Clipped, a boat that I think is part of the public transportation system. The Thames Clipper sailed by this warship. I don’t know the name of the warship, though. It was a lot of fun riding the Thames Clipper.  The seats are comfortable and plush, even for a fat American like me.

This video shows a boat cruising under Tower Bridge. You may remember seeing Tower Bridge opening and closing in a previous post.

This is one of the buildings near The O2 venue. I didn’t go inside, but I think it houses other shops and restaurants. 

The O2 is on a peninsula and the area has that kind of new age feel, like it’s where the cool kids and low on cash but creative people live. It’s like a whole other London, less old buildings and lots of new buildings with exciting looking exteriors. But the area still has the same polite people as the rest of London. 

Ok, I will keep digging through the archives and see what else I failed to share. 

Until tomorrow my friends…


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