Unacceptable Doors

One of my favorite morning past times is to get up and read news on the internet.

I like to read about everything from what a Kardashian wore to eat kale salad to what the leader of the free world said about Russia, or what he did NOT say about Russia.

It’s my morning ritual; I do it while drinking tea and honey, usually with a light snack since I am not big on eating breakfast.

This morning, my news reading was interrupted when my paltry doorbell rang. The poor door bell sounds like a dying bat. I almost did not get up to answer it; some part of me knew that foolishness was awaiting on the other side.

One of the things I dislike about living on this camp is the ridiculous maintenance schedule. While I appreciate that someone is assigned to come lube the door hinges, I dislike that the chap shows up whenever he feels like it.

I mean, REALLY? Perhaps I’m bored or a little stir crazy or both, but a guy that comes to spray WD40 on all of the doors and cabinets  (yes, he inspected every single one) seems both absurd and hilarious at the same time.

When the guy was attempting to check the upper kitchen cabinets, he required a step stool, which I do not have. He proceeded to move my dish rack out of the way and scoot his little dirty butt all over the countertop in an attempt to reach all the cabinets.

The humorous part in this is that several MONTHS ago, I put in a work order request for someone to actually come and fix a damaged kitchen cabinet door. Someone came and rigged it up (if you can call it that) and left. I suppose I should have just waited until today, when the official door and hinge inspection happened.  Foolishness!

Here he is, carefully using his screw driver to move my bowls out of the way for some reason.

This video doesn’t exist


And here he is, inspecting other doors:



Perhaps tomorrow they will send someone to inspect my sanity. I will tell them that it’s all gone, unfortunately.

Until tomorrow, my friends…

One thought on “Unacceptable Doors

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  1. OMG 😜 The maintenance men there are only one step above the ones here. You are so correct…just foolishness and to early for it. Hang in there 😉


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