Not a Very Interesting Day

Today was not very interesting, but I am going to write about it anyway because not every day is an interesting one, no matter where you are in the world.

If I had to guess, I would think that even the most exciting people in the world still lead lives that are at least 85% mundane and boring. I bet Elon Musk is sitting around bored out of his mind right now, and he’s one of the most interesting people on the planet, at least in my opinion. 

My day was so mundane that I’ve spent a paragraph talking about boredom in a blog that I write to describe my days. How’s that for irony?

This morning, another set of guys came to check the light bulbs all through the house.  I had recently asked them to come out, so this time, there were only two lightbulbs out. Both of the bulbs that were replaced today must have come from the reject batch to have blown out so quickly. 

R came home for lunch. He had said he would be happy eating grilled cheese sandwiches, but there are two things that prevented us from eating grilled cheese sandwiches today:

1) I cut the not pre sliced bread in a crooked way and I am not ready to look at that mistake again just to make a sandwich made of bread and cheese and,

2) I like to save my sandwich consumption for sandwiches that matter, like hamburgers and chicken biscuits from Whataburger (a fast food restaurant in the southern United States). R does make good grilled cheese sandwiches, however, in his defense.

So, we ate chicken and red pepper stir fry over boiled rice. I got over zealous with the pepper, so it was a little spicy. R approved.

Then, I went out to the store. I went to one of the expat stores on Victoria Island. I saw this broccoli crown, which I photographed to write about. This ONE head of broccoli is about the equivalent of $10USD. I didn’t buy it, but I sure wanted to. I can’t wait to eat reasonably priced broccoli, ideally some that is cooked by some body damn else that is not me.

When I exited the store, a beggar came up and was trying to talk me into giving him some money.  I have been warned about doing that, so I just smiled and said “God bless you.” I came very close to saying “May the force be with you ” as an accident because I have been binge watching all of the “Star Wars” movies. I’m sure the beggar would have thought I was weird if I had said that . 

The funny thing about the guy was how he talked. He was talking like he was throwing his voice or making a funny, Smurf like sound with his voice, like doing it on purpose. 

Do Nigerians watch “The Smurfs”?

I have no idea, but now I’m curious.

Perhaps tomorrow will be more exciting.  For dinner, we had stale taco shells and taco meat. R seasoned the ground meat and although the meat was salty and the shells were very stale and our icecream tasted more like ice than cream, I guess I was happy to have those things to eat.

Hopefully tomorrow our food will be better. Maybe I’ll go back and buy that  $10 broccoli.

Until tomorrow, my friends…

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  1. Every now and then we all have days that make us say to ourselves ” dang I should have just stayed in bed today ” boarding 😬 May the force be with you 😉😂


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