My First Apple Pie

I’m not a pie kind of person.

There! I said it! The world knows my truth now. 

But, I am a budding baker. And bakers have to know how to make pies and cakes and breads.

So, today, in the spirit of stretching my baking abilities and using up some soft apples, I made my very first apple pie. 

I am so proud of this pie because it’s a mismatched bastard of a pie. I used one recipe to make the pie dough and I had to make a substitution in that recipe and then I used another recipe for the filling.

My cornstarch (used as thickener) clumped and I had to strain the liquid before adding the apples. I forgot to cover the pie with foil so it browned too quickly. I also had the oven at the wrong temperature for part of the time. Hey, don’t judge me. Constantly converting American recipes to use elsewhere in the world, you know, Fahrenheit to Celsius, is a pain in the ass.

Let’s see? What else went wrong with this damn pie? I think that might be it.

Oh, I also had to fight ants to use the cutting board. There may have been one or two rogue ants that made it into the pie, but I don’t know because it turned out DELICIOUS!

Oh, also, I forgot to take a photo of the pie when it came out of the oven, so here she is in her pre-baked and pale, naked glory.

The pie turned out to be so tasty! I was proud and I almost understood why people like pie so much. Personally, give me cake or give me some more cake.

And as a bonus, look at this video I shot during traffic today. Can you see anything interesting happening? AH, Lagos!

Until tomorrow, my friends…

One thought on “My First Apple Pie

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  1. Your pie looks great! I’m happy it tastes good. Just a note your corn starch may have clump cause the liquid may have been to warm when you added it or maybe not wisk enough before warming. What counts is the taste unless you are sale ing it😬 What’s with folks riding dangerously on the back of trucks over there, just either wild and crazy or bravery 😐


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