Going Home for a While 

Well, friends, over 50 blog posts later and it may be close to an end for this blog and the beginning of a new one.

This blog is called “Life in Lagos” and in a few hours, I will leave Lagos for a while. I’m not sure for how long, but at least over the summer months.

So, what should I do? Keep posting about my life elsewhere? Change the name of the blog to “My Life”? I’m still mulling it over.

I am currently sitting in the Lagos airport, wanting for my flight that leaves in about three hours. I am sitting in a lounge, gorging myself on finger sandwiches, small diced fruit, Coca-Cola, water, free air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, plantain chips, and cashews.  God how I love cashews. 

I’m drinking all the water that I can while I am only a few feet away from a bathroom. Flying dries me out like a 200 lb bag of sand. It’s awful. So I’m trying to stay hydrated. 

I took a company sponsored bus to get here today. We went into an estate, which is like a gated neighborhood, that I have never been to before. The houses were like mini mansions, but it was odd because many of them were boarded up. But it was still very nice.

Several of the houses were pastel colors and one was pepto bismol pink. Can you imagine a mansion sized, concrete house the color of pepto? I wish I had gotten a photo of it because it’s almost unbelievable. 

This is a photo of one of the huge houses.  

The guy that we picked up from this estate was a seemingly important business man. He listened to videos aloud on the bus and even tried to  take a conference call while on the bus but eventually gave up (THANK GOD) when he couldn’t hear his co-workers over all the loud honking.  It took over an hour to get to the airport, but that’s about normal.

Believe it or not, I dozed off on the bus. It was a cramped bus, and even as a short person, my knees were hitting the back of the chair in front of me. But I have been feeling very anxious and I think my body just gave me a big F U and decided it needed a nap before entering the chaos of the Lagos airport.

I hate the airport. I never know exactly which line to stand in, or what “procedures” will be in place. I have had a different experience every time I have flown into or out of Lagos and the uncertainty is awful to me.

But, today was a relatively smooth venture, aside from my shoes taking a curiously long time for them to come out of the X Ray machine.

The bags are searched three times. Upon entering, they go through an unmonitored x-ray machine. Don’t ask, I have no idea. Then, they’re searched BY HAND, by an official. Depending on the person, day, your luck, and / or the lunar cycle, your panties end up disheveled and your stripper heels are ridiculed  (not kidding , I have seen both of these things happen) OR the official casually thumbs through your belongings.  Lucky for me, today I had the casual thumb through but I have experienced the panty unpacking search before as well. Lastly, they are put through a monitored x-ray machine before you’re allowed to go to your gate. This security check is where I once had a mug taken from me by a woman who informed me that she was going to use it. The mug was for a friend and I was sad for her to take it, but I was headed  home and just wanted to be allowed to board the plane. I would have given her the drawers off my own ass to be allowed to board the plane and get the hell outta here.

This is kind of a rambling blog post today, but it’s kind of just me writing about my day, in a tired and anxious state of mind, sitting here enjoying the free tea sandwiches.

The main photo was taken before these other losers showed up and started making noise in the lounge.

Perhaps I will write at least a few more posts over the summer. Would you be interested in reading about my life OUTSIDE of Lagos?

Until tomorrow, my friends…

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