London: Lost Stories 

As I sit in the airport, about an hour before my plane departs to go back to Lagos, I am still reeling in the fun, exciting, and joyous time I have had in London, England.

Even though there’s a very cute, but crying, baby nearby attempting to drown out my happy thoughts with his calls for whatever the hell babies need, I am still so happy to be sitting here, at the tail end of my London adventure.

Of course there were many photos that I did not get to share throughout the week. Let’s take a look at some of them and learn the story behind them now.

We took the Tube, aka the public subway, to The O2 venue both times.

This cool sign was hanging out near the train, greeting the John Mayer fans. It’s so cool that whoever wrote it went to the trouble of incorporating his song titles into the notice.

This was another sign that I saw in the Tube. I can personally testify that the British are unfailingly polite. Even the biggest asshole I met (a guy working at a Tube station) was a downright gentleman compared to other asshole of other cultures I have encountered. 

So, with that being said, London is not messing around with you and your sass when it comes to verbally abusing public servants.

This is a photo of the giant fish head knockers that are on several walls in the aquarium.  I kind of want one for my door at home.

This is a very handsome bird that was basically posing for photos outside of the aquarium. 

This video shows the view from the Thames Clipped, a boat that I think is part of the public transportation system. The Thames Clipper sailed by this warship. I don’t know the name of the warship, though. It was a lot of fun riding the Thames Clipper.  The seats are comfortable and plush, even for a fat American like me.

This video shows a boat cruising under Tower Bridge. You may remember seeing Tower Bridge opening and closing in a previous post.

This is one of the buildings near The O2 venue. I didn’t go inside, but I think it houses other shops and restaurants. 

The O2 is on a peninsula and the area has that kind of new age feel, like it’s where the cool kids and low on cash but creative people live. It’s like a whole other London, less old buildings and lots of new buildings with exciting looking exteriors. But the area still has the same polite people as the rest of London. 

Ok, I will keep digging through the archives and see what else I failed to share. 

Until tomorrow my friends…

London Days 8 and 9 aka JOHN MAYER IS LIFE 

I have not written in two days for good reason. 

On Thursday, May 11, 2017, I got to check off one of my biggest bucket list items: I got to see the incomparable John Mayer in concert.

My life is now complete. Go ahead and throw me from Tower Bridge because the rest of life just HAS to be all downhill from here, right?

Let me share some photos and snippets. The concert was at The O2. Leave it to the Brits to design such a lovely and beautiful and well organized venue.

View of The O2 from afar.

I have loved John Mayer for over 12 years. His song, “Why Georgia” inspired me to move from Louisiana to Texas all alone. The quiet joy that he sang about in “leaving it all behind” is what I thought I would experience when leaving Louisiana.  I felt those feelings and so many more.

Over the years, he has remained my favorite artist and I own all of his recordings except the last album, which I didn’t buy because I thought it’d be nice to hear those songs first while he played them live. I was right. It was such an amazing experience to hear so much of his new music live.

Here are a few snippets from the concert.

Here, he’s playing one of my favorite songs, “Gravity.”

More clips!

The phone audio and video cannot do him justice. His guitar skills are absolutely masterful.

Once I told a colleague at work that I wanted to learn to play the guitar like John Mayer and he laughed and said “Uhhh well you would have to become REALLY GOOD.  Do you think you could get that good?”

At the time, I took offense to his low belief in my abilities but both then and now I knew he was right. John Mayer is one of the best guitarists and song writers of my generation. 

We returned to the O2 on Friday. I bought more concert merchandise and saw the “Fast and Furious 8” movie. I think I have found my new favorite place in London.

Yesterday, I noticed this gorgeous, metal obelisk thing outside.

Here is the “cream tea” that I ordered at a place called Square Pie. I went there thinking they served square shaped, sweet pies, but I was wrong. They did serve savory pies, like kidney and onions pie, and cream Tea, which was black tea with milk and sugar served with scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam.

Clotted cream is like if lightly whipped cream and butter had a baby.

Today, Saturday, is my last day in London. 

I am so thankful to have had the chance to stay here for so long. I have learned that I’m tough enough to survive in a big city, ride public transportation , and survive on poorly seasoned food.

But even with the cardboard food, London is still made sweet by its history and absolutely lovely inhabitants. 

I love London and Londoners!

See you soon, London…

It’s back to Lagos for a bit.

Until tomorrow, my friends…

London Day 7

Another exhausting but gorgeous day in London!

Since I’m tired again, I will write a post similar to the one from yesterday.

Today’s itinerary:

1) Took a black taxi to the tour bus pickup.  We had to be there for 7:45 am.

2) Rode the tour bus to Windsor Castle. The Queen was in, but if course we didn’t get to meet her. All of the exhibits we saw did not allow any photography inside, but believe me that Windsor is worth a visit. I’ve never been in a more grand place.

2a) We had a disgusting lunch on the bus. The sandwich was wheat bread, something like flavorless BBQ sauce with tiny onions, cheese, and cucumber.  Served with water, raisins, and cookies. They might as well just given us the cardboard box it came in and told us to eat it. 

Also, by chips, I mean potato crisps, for all the British people who may be reading this.

3) Rode the bus to Stonehenge. I wish we had more time there, but I enjoyed the 90 minutes or so.

4) Rode the tour bus to Bath.  What a lovely, English city. 

5) Rode the tour bus to Lacock, another lovely, English city.

6) Arrived back in central London at approximately 8:00 pm and ate at a terrible restaurant called Taste of China. It was the worst food and service I’ve experienced here in London. BLAND and uninspired good and an absent minded waitress.

One of the highlights of the trip was when a group of 5 people were 20 minures late getting back to the bus after one of the stops.

The tour director, Pete, directed us to clap for them as they entered because they had finally made it.

Although that would have been a cheeky and passive aggressive way to acknowledge their tardiness, I decided to be a full on American asshole. So when the men entered the bus, having walked a full minute ahead if the women and children, I BOOED. And got damn I BOOED loudly and with eyes on them and drew a second breath to continue my booing. 

I should be ashamed at the pleasure that gave me, but I am not and to hell with tbem. Let’s just say that the rest of the tour was timely and I’m still unashamed of my booing. I think I did a great service to the rest of the bus. 

The tour guide must have agreed because be gave me a fist bump at the end of my booing.

Needless to say, I didn’t make any friends today.

Until tomorrow, my (maybe?) Friends…

London Day 6

Whew! It was a tiring day and tomorrow will be a very long day.

I’m exhausted so I’ll just write the activities and then share more details later.

1) Breakfast at McDonald’s 

2) Travelled to Westminster area

3) Ground photos of Big Ben (it’s closed for repairs until 2020)

4) Rode the London Eye

5) Ate terrible and BLAND food at restaurant near the London Eye 

6) Visited the London Aquarium 

7) Rose the bus back to the hotel; ate dinner, watched uncensored Hell’s Kitchen  ( lots of cuss words)

Oh! I forgot that I dropped off laundry this morning!

I only brought a carry on sized suit case of clothes, so I had almost ran out of ckirges. Thanks to Google, I was able to find a laundromat that was less than a mile away!

They told me to come back at the end of the day and when I picked up my clothes, to my utter delight, they’d been washed and meticulously folded and put in little bags.

All for only  £14.95 which is about $19.33!

Got to get up early tomorrow to go to



Until tomorrow my friends…

London Day 5

Today was all about the Tower of London! Which, I learned, is different from London Bridge, which is a whole other thing that’s also not Tower Bridge.

The taxi driver from the airport said that the first London Bridge was dismantled and sold to a guy in Arizona, USA. The famous bridge in London, the one on the post cards and such, is the Tower Bridge, which crosses the Thames River. On one side of the Thames River is the Tower of London, which is a collection of buildings that were used as a fortresses, homes, places of execution, etc.

Let’s start with Tower Bridge. Look at the bright, lovely, turquoise blue that parts of the bridge are painted.



What do you think of my t-shirt? I bought it yesterday at the Primark. Is it too touristy looking? It was quite chilly today, but I had to take off my coat once and take a photo showcasing my awesome and touristy t-shirt.

I also had the chance to watch them raise and lower the Tower Bridge! It was so quiet and smooth, you could place a baby on the thing and he’d still be asleep when it’s over.





There was also a visit to the Tower of London, which is where the Crown Jewels are kept. I do not have photographs of the Crown Jewels because there was a strict no photography rule. But, I will just say that yes, they’re gorgeous. You’ll have to just Google what they look like, I suppose.

I could, however, take photos of the other structures and things on display. There are several towers at the Tower of London site; there’s lots of English history assocaited with the site. Many people were beheaded and tortured there. The buildings are very old, some of them dating back to the 1000s. I know, that’s not a typo; that is really over 1,000 years ago.

This is the building where the Crown Jewels are housed.


Here are other photos of the structures on the site. I don’t know what they’re all called. The houses with the bright, turquoise blue doors captured my attention and imagination. I love how the bright little doors contrasted against the dreary London sky.


There were also these mesh animal structures around the site.


Since the buildings are so old, many of them were used during times of war. And a long time ago, war meant bows and arrows and close, hand to hand combat. I took this photo of a window in one of the towers. The window is cross shaped but also functional and wide enough to shoot someone out of it.


Here are a few last photos. I was so lost in all the beauty and oldness of the buildings that I didn’t write down exactly what these things were, but I suppose I can call them “Medieval Related Stuff.” Ha!


In the last photo, you can see the cross shaped windows from the outside of the building.

According to my FitBit, I walked almost 6 miles today and about 20 flights of stairs. I predict that I will weight 45 lbs less by the time I go back to Lagos, between the walking and exercise and low, unsatisfying food consumption. Ha!

My feet are killing me. I am off to bed, after a heavy dose of Advil.

Until tomorrow, my friends…

London Day 4

I have decided to write as I go along, so that I don’t forget anything along the way.

This is such a great opportunity to spend a lot of time in this beautiful city and I am thankful in so many ways.

My first stop was Holborn Underground Station, where I caught the tube to the Notting Hill  station. I wanted to walk around Notting Hill, which is a lovely little neighborhood.  Some of the buildings are pastel in color. I haven’t walked past any yet, but I hope to see some while I continue walking.

I decided to come here to visit a place for brunch called Granger & Company for something called an Aussie breakfast.

I’m not sure where the folks here learned to season food, but everything I have tried, aside from the hotel restaurant which has delicious food, has been BLAND city!

This was my Aussie breakfast. I feel full and have energy but it wasn’t the most enjoyable food. Perhaps the food and the walking is how the Londoners stay so fit and happy.  I walked about a mile total to reach Granger & Company and this is the food I had when I got there. Ha! I feel kind of sad about how much I paid for this food. It was £21, which is about $27. All that money and still no flavor.

Oh, and I forgot to take a photo of the outside of the place but I actually sat outside, in an effort to avoid waiting for a table inside, which was about a 45 minute wait. I hate waiting for tables at restaurants and some part of me knew the food wouldn’t be good enough to wait that long anyway. Ha!

So, I enjoyed this food in about 50F weather, with a creepy dark haired girl standing directly behind me most of the time. It was kind of an exercise in self torture. Being American, I am quite self conscious about how I eat (we have the stereotype of being hoggish eaters), so sitting outside, in front of a long line of foreigners watching me eat was essentially a level of hell for me.

But YAY  for courage and new experiences and continuing to push my discomfort levels during this trio.

Another thing that makes me a little uncomfortable travelling around alone is using the public transportation.

Yesterday, I was on the wrong bus for about 30 minutes before I realized it. But at least I realized it and found my way back to the hotel. And I figured out what I had done wrong without asking for help.

Big red buses of London, we will be friends before I leave, got damn it!


After the filling, yet tasteless meal, I walked around Notting Hill. WOW! What a gorgeous and safe feeling place. I know that every big place has crime, but it is a little comforting, oh, who am I kidding, it is very comforting to know that everyone walking and driving by is not possibly carrying a gun. That’s one of my favorite things about doing things in countries that are not America. I love you America, but I am not a fan of the liberal gun laws.

I’ll probably be deported just for writing that, but YOLO. I don’t own a gun.

Anyway, back to the beautiful houses of Notting Hill. It is close to Kensington Gardens, too! My favorite photo that I took today is at the top of the blog post. Simply gorgeous!

I also photographed this super happy, Pepto Bismol pink little car and this beautiful street sign.


I also saw these Mexican food signs. I took photos of them to show my friends back home that Mexican food is loved all around the world. There’s no place in the world better to eat Mexican food though than 1) ACTUALLY IN MEXICO or 2) Houston, Texas. I am partial, but I am usually disappointed when eating Mexican food outside of Houston. I did not dare go into either of these establishments because eating bland Mexican food would send me into another dimension, because bland Mexican food should not exist.


I know that London is a beautiful place and I love it for all its’ history and charm. But did you know that this lovely city also has a FANTASTIC store called Primark?

I don’t know what the hell PRIMARK is, but to describe it to my American friends: Have you ever wished that Forever 21, Target, and Marshalls had a bastard love child? If so, then you would LOVE Primark!

I discovered the awesomeness of Primark when I got off the bus that the Marble Arch bus stop, near (or on? I was confused and using the hell out of Google Maps to navigate) Oxford Street.

When I got off one bus to change to another bus, I noticed that Primark was busy like people were getting free dollar bills just for standing outside of it. So, I crossed the street (I am happy to report that I now have the confidence to jay walk if a local person does it) hurriedly and checked out the Primark. But, I feel like this place should rightfully be called PRIMARK! It deserves all caps and at least ONE exclamation mark.


I bought several things from Primark that I will share in another post, but the several things I bought ended up being only about $64.92.

Ah, this post is getting long, but I can’t bear to leave without sharing this video that I took from the bus when I left Primark, on the way back to the hotel. THIS GIRL WAS JAMMING!


I am going to try to return to Oxford street before leaving London. If I lived here, I would pretty much just hang out on Oxford Street and wait for street performers. It was so awesome just to see from the bus.

Today was such an AMAZING day. I feel like London loves me almost as much as I love it.

Until tomorrow, my friends…


London Day 3

Today was an adventure! I’m proud to say that I survived it!

The top of the day started with confusion! We accidentally bought the wrong type of public transportation card so we had to travel to a large tube station to get it sorted. I don’t know what the stereotype about Londoners are, but if you ask me, they seem to be generous and kind and pleasant.  I love this city!

Here Are photos of the Embankment tube station.

We then used the Tube to travel to the Westminster area. We went to The Red Lion, a pub made famous by its  former patrons, such as Winston Churchill.  We wanted to eat there but there was an issue with the electricity and the restaurant was closed. It was very busy and the Coke I ordered turned out to be a diet Pepsi, so I couldn’t drink it. Oh well! Crummy luck all around at The Red Lion. But it’s a beautiful place nonetheless. 

The toilet was very beautiful, with the tank above the, umm, water bowl part. I have no idea if my toilet terminology is correct or not.

We then got food at a pub that appears to be a chain restaurant.  I saw a few others throughout the city later in the day.

The service was great, but the food was terribly bland, unfortunately! I squeezed all my lemon onto my fish and chips in an effort to insert some flavor onto the fish, but it was not a good substitute for salt.

Most of the rest of the day was a whirlwind of sight seeing, meandering about the town, and getting lost accidentally. I made it over to the Twinings tea shop by riding the city bus! I was proud of my navigation skills!

I went to the Twinings store to buy that Spring Garden tea that I wrote about before, but I could not find the exact blend.  But, I did buy other flavors and I enjoyed a cup of chamomile tonight.  It was smooth and soothing. 

Look at how cute the little shop is, defiantly wedged between the larger buildings.

The little Twinings shoo was across the street from The Royal Courts of Justice.  Wow! This building was just so gorgeous and huge! I want to go inside but I wonder if I need to get arrested in order to enter? Ha!

I will leave you with one last photo from my day. This cheekily named little place: The Olde Cock. Check out the photo at the top of this post.

Who names a bar after a geriatric bird?

Ah, London, I’ll love you forever!

Until tomorrow my friends…

London Curiosities 

Today was our first full day in London. 

We did a lot of stuff and walked over 5 miles today. I’m tired again, so instead of retelling the entire day, I’ll share a few of the curious things I saw today.

One of our first stops was at a Starbucks.  Of course I found a reason to go into a Starbucks relatively early in the day.

If you’ve never been to London, keep in mind that many (or perhaps most) buildings are very old. They’ve been redone on the inside to fit their current use, but previous design elements might linger.

I think that’s what happened with the bathroom in the Starbucks.  R theorized that the location was maybe previously an old folks home because there’s a huge emergency cord hanging from the ceiling. I’ve never seen anything like it, and only something close to it in a hospital. 

There was also a sign instructing users how to turn off the emergency signal if it’s pulled accidentally.  As luck would have it, a lady pulled it while we were there and a terrible, screeching noise started flowing from the whole ceiling.

The next curious thing was the signs for rerouting traffic.  Our tour bus ran into lots of traffic and we saw lots of these signs. There are seemingly several construction projects going on around the city. Instead of signs that say “Detour ” like you’d find in the States, the signs here say : Diversion.  It feels like a big, fancy word to an American person. Ha!

For lunch, we ate at a place called Joe’s Southern Table. I’ll write more about the place and food later, but the curious part of the place was the bathroom fixtures. They were copper metal pipes or something! I found them to be so cool, kind of like a steampunk meets design kind of aesthetic. 

Ok, I’ll definitely write more tomorrow.  All the excitement has made me tired.

Until tomorrow my friends…

Traveling to London

The best part if being in Lagos is taking a vacation from being there!

Sorry if that sounds rude, but I am ecstatic to be in the United Kingdom for the next 9 days!

London isn’t home, but it’s closer to home than Lagos. Just driving down the street, I saw three of my favorite American businesses: Burger King, Whole Foods, and Starbucks!

If I had even one less strand of divinity than I currently do, I would buy a Whopper and a chai tea latte and go eat it in an aisle at Whole Foods.  But, I have some self respect, so I will visit all three establishments individually. 

The travel day was dreadfully long. We awoke at 4:30 am, took about an hour long drive to the airport, stood in a line for about 90 minutes to wait for a counter to open, navigated by some, ahem, interesting airport officials seeking “blessings” (read into that), and then waited the rest of the time in an air conditioned lounge that we have a subscription pass to use.

Thanks to a late departure, the time on the airplane ended up being about 7 hours.

I thought this menu from the lounge was funny because it had three exclamation marks next to Beverages for reason. The beverages we had were not that damn exciting!!!

We ate eggs benedict at the subscription lounge. It was  a nice and light thing to eat before boarding the plane about 9:30 am. R said the bacon was “sad and limp.”

We received snacks and dinner and something referred to as high tea while on the plane. High tea consisted of a beverage of your choice (I had apple juice), and a light sandwich box. Also, the milk for the tea I had earlier in the flight came in a little vertical plastic bag.

The most interesting thing was this lady’s hair. I am kind of sorry to photograph and make fun of a stranger, but I feel like I won’t go to hell (at least not immediately) for questioning this hairstyle.  Perhaps it’s a Nigerian cultural thing with which I am unfamiliar? I’ve never seen anything like this anywhere!

Ok, it’s been a very long day, so I will rest up and report on adventures from London tomorrow!

Oh, but I cannot leave without sharing this photo with y’all! Americans reading this, do you notice the brand on this trashcan? Yes, it is a Wally World brand! Seeing this trashcan in the bathroom at the Lagos airport was like seeing a little piece of home! It is not often that I see American brands of things in Nigeria!

Until tomorrow, my friends…

The Oriental Hotel in Lagos

“Where are we going to eat lunch today? What are we going to do today?” R asked.

I excitedly exclaimed: “I’ve got it all planned out!”

This past Saturday, in addition to going to the Hans & Rene Gelato Shop and the A New Earth store, we also hit up The Oriental Hotel to visit one of their restaurants. It was a lot of fun and was quite entertaining.

There are lots of photos for this post, so let’s just dive right into the fun!

The hotel lobby had several nice, working, and clean elevators. The tile pattern on the floor was gorgeous!


The wood work on the staircase was gorgeous. Check out the chandelier that hung several stories!


There were some African inspired art pieces along the walls of the stair well.



The chandelier was mesmerizing!20170429_122643

The video below shows the fish dish that R ordered. It came to the table bubbling and I liked the little fire stone under the pot. It was so interesting. R said the fish was pretty tasty, too! I don’t remember what it is called, though!


The highlight of the outing, aside from the delicious Chinese food, was the shouting match between a waiter and a customer. The customer believed that the waiter tried to wrongly charge him for something and doctor the bill to show more was owed that what was right. If you listen closely, you can hear the customer saying “Don’t lie to me! Don’t lie to me!”  Ah, Lagos, you never disappoint when it comes to delivering the excitement, do you?

This photo shows the GIANT, 11-person table that we were seated at. We have no idea why we were seated at such a huge table, but it was a lot of fun to spin the glass in the middle and look across the table at all of our imaginary friends.

I ordered this giant prawn as an appetizer. I placed a fork next to it so you can tell the size of the giant thing! It was enough for me to share a small piece with R.


R ordered the cuttle fish for an appetizer. It was very chewy and not as delicate as calamari. I was not a fan of it and would not order it again, but it was very well seasoned and well-fried, not greasy or over done.


I forgot to photograph what I ate. I ordered the sweet and sour shrimp and it was delicious. After eating, we meandered around and looked at the woodwork at the entrance to the restaurant. Simply gorgeous!


This photo was taken from the window near the entrance of the restaurant. Even though I travel along the Epe Expressway several times a week, I never realized how close to the water the road is.


We did not stay at the hotel; we ate and left. But it was a great experience and the service was very fast. We will definitely eat there again!

Until tomorrow, my friends…

A Little Slice of (Whole) Home

“Ugh! I hate those people who shop at Whole Foods!” R exclaimed. I rolled my eyes. Shopping at Whole Foods is one of my guilty pleasures. I have to call it a guilty pleasure because the store is expensive, but really, where else am I going to buy organic, bulk, hand made Epsom salt and perfectly cubed watermelon? Where else will I buy my kombucha and 100% organic cotton pajama pants? WHERE, I ask? Friggin’ Wal-Mart? I DO NOT THINK SO.

The truth is, I hate grocery shopping. Back when I was a very busy public school teacher, I used my Sunday mornings to trudge over to the Wal-Mart, which I will affectionately from now on refer to as Wally World.

I’d get up at some obscene hour on Sunday mornings, sometimes as early as even 9:30 am, and go to Wally World before the weirdos woke up. I was living on a public school teacher’s salary but still had the social skills of a rabid honey badger, so going early meant avoiding the people, but still saving money.

Nowadays, I allow myself the occasional pleasure of shopping at Whole Foods. And by occasional, I mean pretty much any time I am within a 1 mile radius of Whole Foods, I stop in, even if it’s just to buy one of those little checkerboard cookies that I absolutely live and breathe for. You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten one and it should be a sin for them to sell them in bulk, for crying out loud. I once ate six in one setting and almost had to purge to rid my stomach of all the sugar. The next time I ate some, I only ate three, because I had learned my lesson and I’m totally a modest person.

What in the hell is the blog post about? Is it about Lagos or is it about Whole Foods…

Well, this past Saturday, I found a little place that is somewhat similar to Whole Foods, right here in Lagos. It’s called A New Earth. Sounds like the name of a grocery store from either “The Jetsons” or some dystopian future.

The little store is located behind some other store that is closer to the street. The interior is decorated with reclaimed wood beams and it’s minimalist, but chic. It made my little hipster heart flutter.


They had a huge tea selection, which made me wild with excitement. In my version of heaven, every beverage is either tea or Coca Cola or matcha green tea. And speaking of matcha green tea powder, they sold it! It was very expensive, about $20 for an ounce or so, but I only use 1/2 a teaspoon per cup, so it’ll last a while. I LOVE TEA! What a great selection, too.

I also found this cute little coloring book, all with illustrations of life in Lagos.



I did not buy the coloring book, but if I could have thought of a child who would want it, I would have. Perhaps I’ll go back and buy myself one.

The disappointing part of the little store was the fruits and vegetables selection. They were selling this thing, which was unlabeled. I have no idea what it is, but it peaked my curiosity (which is easy to do) so I photographed it. I did not have the energy to ask the clerk what it was, try to hear the answer, and still have to figure out what it is anyway. The label did not say what they were; perhaps they’re a cross between a banana and a cucumber? Hell if I know.


The wall near the tea area was decorated with little flowers; that’s the photo shown at the very top of this post.

I was so excited to find a little slice of something similar to Whole Foods, right here in Lagos, and only about a 30 minute drive from where we live. It was a good day!

In my excitement, I drank a matcha green tea latte that night and drank two more the next day. Perhaps I’ll treat myself to another tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, my friends…


A Rainy Worker’s Day

“I have Monday off for some reason,” R informed me on last Thursday.

“What reason is that?”

“I don’t know, some holiday. I think it’s Worker’s Day.”

“Worker’s Day? What is that?”

“You know, umm, like Labor Day in the States,” he answered.


So, today was Worker’s Day in Lagos. I was interested in what Worker’s Day is, so I looked it up and found the article shown below. It does seem similar to the Labor Day in the USA. We did not go out today; we gave our driver the day off, as it seemed fit to do so. According to this article, the Worker’s Day celebrations in Lagos were peaceful; the celebrations in the country’s capital city, Abuja, were “riotous.”

Link on Nigerian Worker’s Day 2017: 

The day for R and I was pretty peaceful and mundane. We ordered in Indian food at lunch time. I ate too much of it and I had a tummy ache pretty much for the rest of the day. But, I’ve learned my lesson. Perhaps I’ll eat some salad for the next two days to make up for my Indian food over consumption.

Last week, our driver very graciously cleaned the back porch area for me, so I decided to enjoy it while it rained. I think it’s coming up on the time of the year called the Rainy Season, so we will get more rain. After hearing the rain fall for hours, it was nice to go out and experience it. We have a screened in porch, so I took this video from the porch.

I also took a photo of the little bird that is shown in the featured image. Don’t think I’m crazy, but I swear that bird was lavender in color, like a grayish, lavender color bird. He was gorgeous. When I moved from the lounge chair to photograph him closer, he flew away. Oh well!

I spent about an hour or so outside, just hanging out, enjoying looking at the rain and listening to it in the background as I browsed the Internet, mainly looking at healthy recipes that I have no interest cooking. If only cooking healthy recipes was as enticing as eating cake and icecream.

What did you do today? Leave me a comment below. And as always…

Until tomorrow, my friends…

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